Cheap Modification Again

Posted on Juli 3, 2011. Filed under: Motor |

finally my motorbike had modified again with simple budget of course.. i’m trying to increase my bike’s ignition. using 9 Power stuff and SplitFire Spark-Plug Cable.
the Price is about Rp. 39-40k

i also use the Cheap Platinum like SparkPlug named SANDAI that i bought in some SpeedShop. when i test the spark quality i can say that the spark is thicker than the standar Plug (Denso U-20 EPR9) The price is only about Rp. 10K – 15K 😳

as u can see the + Electrode for Platinum Plugs are made from platina metal and the edge are become sharpened/smaller. what i like from this Plug is it’s resistance is 0 ! 😯

when i cut the cable i found that the cooper is quite thin & small not as Good as the original cable.. but the Head Cop is water Resistant and has 0 Ohm Impedance.

The standard Cop Plug of my bike Supra x 125 is having some resistance about 10 – 15 K Ohm 😯 i don’t know why the Manufacturer did that. but finally i change it with Split-Fire which has no Impedance.

Next Plan maybe i’m gonna buy some weird Plug again 😆

Today i bought the Original NGK Platinum G-Power CPR6EAGP-9  specialized made for Supra X 125 😳  but sadly it still has resistance about 4.27K.

the standar Plug Denso U20FS has resistance about 6.3k

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motor ane supra x 125 d 2005, mesin masih standar, kalo businya di ganti ama yang NGK G-POWER Platinum bisa gak ya,,,,,,,,,?? hrg skitar 25 rb an..
tolong penjelasanya gan .thanks

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