what kind of modificator type are you ?

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Why i make this uselessfull articles like this ? just for intermezzo :mrgreen: Modification is a changing/inventing process to make something become more better / improving some things/ stuffs become more valuable.
according to my sense, people modify his vehicle (esp. motorbike) for :

1. Style.
this option is mostly the main purpose i think. the use of racing cast-wheel, big wide Tires, or even lowering his bike.

2. Performance.
using of Performance Parts like Racing Head, Bore-Up package, high-voltage CDI & Ignition Coil. the main purpose is to gain biggest power & highest torque so initial the Top Speed can be reached. 😯

Data Performance
CDI Power Max Torsi Max
Standar 10,02 dk / 6.400 rpm 11,94 nm / 5.100 rpm
Varro 10,08 dk / 5.000 rom 11,65 nm / 5.000 rpm
BRT Dualband 9,91 dk / 7.100 rpm 11,48 nm / 5.100 rpm
Rextor adjutable 10,12 dk / 7.000 rpm 11,62 nm / 5.100 rpm
Varro 021-87901768
BRT 021-8765447
Rextor 021-42876931


3. Pleasant / Comfortably.
the 3rd choice i think still fewer people who like to do this.

  • applying the baggage box, for bring some luggages, the disadvantage are : more heavier your bike is, the weight are more concentrated at rear (oversteer)
  • applying fuel saving parts. why ? because if our vehicle is economical then it will cooling down our mind right ? :mrgreen:
    Fuel Saving Technique can be achieved in many ways like :
    1. riding in good RPM ratio.. many source state that if you riding > 40 KmH then your Fuel Consumption is more wasted. why ? i think it coz the wind that reduce our aerodynamics 😥
    2. stopping your engine in traffic-light jam. but the risk is if our machine electricity is bad then the engine are stuck 😆
    3. reduce your vehicle weight. By eliminating unused parts. Or using LightWeight but Solid Parts :mrgreen:  Titanium, Magnesium Metal are very Rigid,Light stuffs but really very expensive 😯
    4. check your engine health condition. like carbon deposit cleaning, smog from exhaust muffler, some weird engine noise.
    5. reach a near ideal combustion condition. It can be done by improving your engine combustion process.
      combustion needs electricity to make a fire. So the 1st step is to maximize your machine electricity.

The good combustion result reached when your SparkPlug center electrode color is brown dry / red brick look. So your bike’s AFR (air fuel ratio) nears ideal stoichiometry mixture = 14,5 : 1

  • using clean Bio Fuel like 92 grade octane fuel  like Petronas™ / SHELL™. Many cheap fuel which octane just < 92 is having some residues like lead, sanddust, etc.
  • Lowering your bike’s engine temperature. More Heat means wasting power coz the fuel were burned into Heat than the energy. Can be achieved by using Radiator / water cooler parts, oil cooler to reduce oil temp, low friction parts to minimize the engine movement. Also using high quality Lubricants like Duron™

Other Extreme Ways :
8. using HHO Reactor to inject Pure 2 Hidrogen + Oxygen Gas into your engine that make perfect combustion -> cooler engine -> higher power -> saving fuel.

9. using PlasmaPulse SparkPlug like : Pulstar™, FireStorm™. Which increase the sparkling fire. Bigger Blue spark -> better combustion -> cooler engine -> higher power -> saving fuel.



For Myself, i more interested in 3rd option especially when related to electricity :mrgreen: as you can see in my modification articles.. how about you friends ? 😉


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