Engine Overhaul

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finally my motorbike was having engine replacement, after 48k KM. why ? coz it’s engine already spraying out white smog which indicates that there is some oil combustion.. but it’s just happened when the bike’s engine temperature is quite hot especially when running in high speed ( >40 km/h) or going in long distance 😳

i’m using poor gasoline (named premium here) 😳  why ? coz my engine’s age is quite not young anymore so it’s compression is already reduced..and this is my old engine pics 😯ImageImage

it seems that there’s some crusted sludge remains from combustion, maybe also because of oil leaked
which caused by :

1. inner cylinder (a.k.a boring/liner) scratch so the oil is entering the chamber and burned which make the combustion bad(dirty) and leave the crust
2. some valve seal wear. so the oil is also crusted in the valve and also being burned
3. the piston teflon’s layer is already worn-out so the piston is fiddling the liner
4. the inner cylinder expansion/swelling is too big so the piston is loosing it’s movement finally the compression is decreased
5. there’s some ‘stuffs/things’ that cause the scratch like : sludge, metal dust, etc. which can be caused by using ‘bad’ (usually cheap) lubricant, bad gasoline quality (having many ashes)
6. engine’s ‘high’ (extreme) temperature so the oil is being stressed, blackened n then vapoured (oil’s volume will decreased) -> the metal friction is higher happened. 😥

so the resolution are :
1. replace the piston kit with newer and good ring, liner, etc
2. using ‘good’ lubricants product, gasoline quality.
3. keep engine’s temperature in warm hotter thermal condition.

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