CB150R-SF vs New FZ150

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There have been so many articles like this scattered around the indonesian blogs, but this time I ‘ll make more hotter 😀  there is no intention to impose any one or boast because everyone of them  has its advantages and shortcomings one another.

Honda CB150R StreetFire (Downgraded Motorbike from Global Products CBR 150R which only produced & sold here Indonesia) thats launched after NVL (New Vixion Lightning a.k.a New FZ150 which only produced & sold here) was roled as a challenger, so I thought for sure the AHM (Astra Honda Motor) have analyzed the advantages + deficiency of YMKI products ( Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia ) . so that they would think and hope that will be able to beat NVL CB150 .

Just straight to the point , the following specifications  for both motorbike taken directly from their website so there’s no changes/ addition / subtraction of data

CB150R – SF
Length x width x height : 2,008 x 719 x 1,061 mm
Wheelbase : 1,288 mm
Lowest distance to the ground : 148 mm
Empty weight : 129 kg
Type order : Diamond Steel ( Truss Frame )
Type front suspension : Telescopic
Type of rear suspension : Single Swing Arm with Suspension ( Suspension System Pro – Link )
Front tire size : 80/90 – 17M / C 44P ( tubeless )
Rear tire size : 100/80 – 17M / C 52P ( tubeless )
Front brake : Hydraulic disc , with double piston
Rear brake : Hydraulic disc , with Single Piston
Fuel tank capacity : 12 liters
Engine Type : 4 – Step , DOHC , 4 – Valve , Single Cylinder
Bore x stroke : 63.5 x 47.2 mm
Volume step : 149.48 cm3
Comparison Compression : 11.0 : 1
Maximum power : 12.5 kW ( 17.0 PS ) / 10,000 rpm
Maximum Torque : 13.1 Nm ( 1.34 kgf.m ) / 8000 rpm
Lubricant Oil Capacity Engine : 1.0 Liter on Periodic Replacement
Automatic Clutch : –
Dental Transmsi : 6 – Speed
Pattern transfer teeth : 1 – N – 2-3 -4- 5-6
Starter : Pedal & Electric
Aki : MF 12 V – 5 Ah
Spark plugs : –
Ignition System : Full transistorized

New Vixion Lightning

Engine type : 4 Step , 4 Valve SOHC – Fuel Injection , Liquid Cooled
Number / Position Cylinders : Single Cylinder / Vertical
Cylinder Volume : 149.8 cc
L x W x H : 2,010 mm x 705 mm x 1,030 mm
Wheelbase : 1,300 mm
Lowest distance to the Land : 165 mm
Seat Height : 790 mm
Fill Weight : 129 kg
Petrol tank capacity : 12 liters
Frame Type : Pressed Backbone ( deltabox )
Suspension Front : Telescopic
Rear Suspension : Swing Arm , Suspension Link Monocross
Tires Front : 90/80-17M/C 46P
Rear tire : 58P 120/80-17M/C
Brakes Front : Hydraulic Disc , Dual Piston
Rear Brakes : Hydraulic Disc , Piston Single
Bore x Stroke : 57.0 mm x 58.7 mm
Comparison Compression : 10.4 : 1
Maximum power : 16.59 PS ( 12.2 kW ) / 8500 rpm .
Maximum Torque : 14.5 Nm ( 1:48 kgf -m ) / 7500 rpm
Starter System : Electric and Kick Starter
Lubrication system : Wet
Engine Oil Capacity : Total : 1.15 Liter / Replacement Periodical : 0.95 Liter / Change Oil Filter : 1 L
Fuel supply system : Fuel Injection
Clutch Type : Wet , Manual Clutch , Multiplat
Transmission type : Return , 5 Speed
Transmission Operation Pattern : 1 – N – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5
Ignition system : TCI / transistorized Ignition Control ( Digital )
Battery : YTZ4V/GTZ4V ( MF Battery 3Ah )
Spark plug type : CR8E ( NGK ) / U24ESR – N ( Denso )

Already dizzy right to read the details? : lol : I finally own analysis inconsequential ) : oops :

1 . NVL has Overstroke engine type , while the type Overbore CB150 , for max power) so CB150 will be more faster to reach the Max Power than NVL ,  although in the end NVL will be able to achieve power NVL Max too .

CB150 has 6 Gear so that could be another TOP SPEED NVL has been curtailed while only 5 ( which is different from pure R15 Racing ) and the potential of the machine that can be upgraded so great , while the NVL with DiAsil + Forged Piston is not possible to Oversize it .  CB150 has the hidden power that can be upgraded more

2 .CB150 Injection system (PGM – FI) already has full use of electronics , while NVL – FI YMJET just not using electronic components . according to the news in cyberspace which he said is more efficient YMJET – FI
But according to my thinking is everywhere if it is controlled in Digital / Electronic & precision is usually more accurate and certainly more perfect .

3 . CB150 DOHC engine that had greater power on , while NVL still SOHC but with an additional 2 valve .
the risk of DOHC is valve’s components are moving more and more

4 . CB150 engine was downgraded a lot  by AHM from CBR 150 . according to reliable sources
while New NVL much more improvements done than Old Vixion.

5 . NVL Electrical still old-fashioned like an duck motorcycle / Cub Type, namely AC Charging, so the bright lights dimmed following the rotation of gas , while in the CB150 is Full DC so it is more secure like the car : D whereas with digital speedometer , ECU , NVL should be FULL DC .
kiprok-vixion-2 spul nu_viksen8
Left : Rectifier New FZ150 a.k.a NVL  , Right : Rectifier Old FZ150 a.k.a Vixion
NVL Battery is so small just 3.5 Ampere like a small duck 😆 so it needs to be considered if you want to modify the electrical / adds HID lamps that need that stable electrical
YMKI somehow uses the New Ones modified from old system called Cut-Off Charging but i think that it’s just a weird changes from the old conventional 2-phase charging, they said if it was done to reduce the production cost.. that’s was really too bad for us the consumer.

6. Engine’s Warranty given by YMKI is 5 years or 50,000 KM , while AHM just only 3 years or 30,000 KM
does this mean the engine is more powerful NVL / durable than the CB150 ? so YMKI were so confident and bold guarantee for so long ? 😯 Or is just a promotion that attracted people to them.

7 . AHM gives more bigger enough Discount to purchase CB150 , while YMKI just give standard bonus like full faced helmet + jacket.

8. NVL design is more futuristic -> riding position slightly bent so that your body will feel sore and tired quicker , while CB 150 was impressed so similar to the old model with a comfortable riding position with handlebar perch 😀 so it’s not sore and tired easily

9 . AHM has a product that is more than YMKI which have more variants , whereas a similar model , but the price is a little different , while YMKI generally fewer and further price difference .

10 . Each manufacturer has been at war with each other subtly , by issuing brochures comparison
dsc00487-small_thumb i ask for a copy right license from you Mr. pertamax7 :mrgreen:


conclusion :
1 . Technology & more sophisticated models -> NVL winner
2 . Power & Acceleration = CB150 winner
3 . The purchase price = cheaper CB150.  CB150 winner
4 . Security & Convenience = CB150 wins
5 . Durability & Endurance machine = NVL wins
6 . Fuel Consumption & Operating Costs = NVL wins

7 . if given the prize between 2 motors and told to select one 1 = ?
why ? because I want to look cool + advanced and do not need a bike that is too vicious / fast as CB150 😆
but I also want to drive a comfortable and safe where no dimming night lights, because i’m tired to ride a cub motorbike called duck that ‘ blind ‘ ( although my bike after a Full DC modification has very bright lights) so why waste money about 23 millions but not so secure ?

8. for NVL riders don’t dream to beat the CB150 , because the engine & power & Speed ​​Gear, etc is more advanced CB150 , but you will get a motorcycle that Cool Style Advanced , etc. . maybe the girls wil be more prefer to get a ride on a sport motorcycle than just to get ride on a classic models one. just kidding 😆

for the CB150 riders , just enjoy your 150cc fastest & fierce motorcycle because with that much money you probably could’ve beaten the old enemies like Vixion FZ150 : mrgreen : but you might be a little envy with the appearance of Indian’s look 😆 maybe your CB150SF can even beat the Young Wolf aka Pulsar 180 or the  Old Blind Tiger Next to that is still alive and sold by AHM 😆

In the end it all back to your own , which is more the taste ? if I had that kind of money and told to buy , then I will not buy them because after that I think about it now even though the ugly bike  (geeky got) but still works fine and meritorious moment of joy and sorrow though it is ancient and outdated and slow. and also the motor is still not ‘ PERFECT ‘ and it will never be perfect 😆

when purchasing motorcycle costs about 14 millions then sold it just about 6 million sold means dropped dramatically , still better if you buying a car

all the scorn and criticism that destroys constructive advice and counsel I will not receive with grateful hearts, Thank you very much for your willingness to read this garbage Gold article :mrgreen:

UPDATE : after a few months the product were sold , then there are many consumers who have purchased ( either cash or owe ) and of course the consumer will be the new motorcycle lovers and at the same guinea pig for the manufacturer 😆
from neighbor’s blogs , I finally found some cases that may be detrimental to the owner include: (whether it is a fact events or maybe just sheer engineering)


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dont give a shit….its entry level sportbike anyway…with price under 25 mil…what did you expect ? as long its can gets you from a to b 😆

entry level sportbike -> but sooo fast ! 😯

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