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Toyota Avanza is one of the most popular Small MPV or called here Minibus. produced by top famous car manufacturer ASTRA, it’s well known and used widely by most of peoples and companies as an Office car.


my companies is 1 of them, that buy & give this car to senior , top level employees as a given’s day vehicle. so i just try to use it (even i just borrow it from my friends) 😮


the car itself is enough long used , it’s mileage is already touch 250,000 KM, so it’s had been old enough. but surprisingly, the car itself is still comfort to use, whether the clutch becomes more light.

finally i’ve driven this car until Puncak Mountain, since the road is quite jammed in the climb road, so i was much more using hand-brake + clutch to climb in an ascent road.
even at midnite, the road is still fully jammed with the vehicles
even at midnite, the puncak’s road is still fully jammed with the vehicles

the location is quite far , enough deeply to reach , in high altitude from Istana Cipanas

the peak gede mountain view IMG_20140816_073448

but fortunately the clutch is still in good condition, no show any burned odor.

here are the Pros and Con’s of it

Pros :
+. the engine durability is quite good, for a small capacity ( below 1,5 L) maybe because of aluminium materials used.
mesin-avanza mesin avanza full
+. the engine’s noise is soft , compared to the new types , the old is still better i think.
+. the steering wheel size for the G-Type is big enough, compared with the newer type (which have smaller size diameters, make more tired when grasping in a long time)
steering old avanza is huge

+. the wheel for the G-Type is already used Sport Rim (known here as Racing Velg) which have bigger size & tougher looks than it’s rivals (Daihatsu Xenia)
velg avanza VS velg xenia

+. the G-Type is given a default Fog Lamp + Rear Wiper, which is quite helpful when raining.
rear wiper avanza g

Cons :
-. the Power Steering is still used hydrolic type, compare to the new type (which already using electric which is maintenance free and more lighter).
this make the engine work more harder, the power will be reduced due to Power Steering Hydrolic Pump

.Hydrolic PS

-. the default given audio system is still using an old type (with cassete tape deck) not using modern type.
-. the speedometer is still using analog metric (compared to the new ones, which already use semi – digital type)
-. the default alarm is still using old type which is easy to be cracked / disarmed with NO Immobilizer Chip, the theft will be easily broke & open the car’s Door because the car still using old infamous key (using T-Letter key , the favorite’s unlock theft key)
also the the alarm schema is very weak to break through (there are many duplicates remote sold in black market with many various combination key frequency)
alarm fuse location default remote

for myself, i enough satisfied for this car, i feel it’s main pros is enough sufficing for an economic car, but still now there are  many new car especially it’s rival comes sold with many improvisation like (Suzuki Ertiga, Chevrolet Spin, Honda Mobilio)
Thank’s for reading 🙂


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