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IP Camera is a camera surveillance / CCTV that monitor / record movements, it is similar to CCTV but much more simple and sophisticated because it has much features like Network & Processor, so you no longer need a DVR to be accessed via the web / internet.

but to be able to record, you should require onlinestorage facility or in IT term called Cloud, so the recordings will be saved at overseas servers, generally to be able to use this facility is not free, so if you buy it, then you can use it.

advantages compared to conventional CCTV:
1. more power-saving
2. does not require a DVR and hard drive (if using the cloud) then the risk of hard drive damaged is none (DVR using the hard drive as a data recording storage )
3. more practice / simple when setting up, because fewer components are used also more compact because not take place to much.

4. more cheaper if only use one camera, because if you want to use many camera, it’ll be cheaper when using CCTV.

but there are also disadvantages, like:
1. price per IP cameras are more expensive than the price per CCTV camera.
2. if you are not using Cloud Storage, then you still must have to use a DVR to record or you can use a PC / Laptop alternatively.
3. IP cameras are generally made of thin plastic and prone to be broken / damaged if dropped, it’s also becoming warm to hot if you use it at long time.

there are many IP Cam sold at the market nowadays, from well-known famous brands (expensive) to unusual unknown brand (cheaper).

since my clients give low budget, then i decide to buy DLINK brand, because many peoples who already bought it (from the reviews on the web).

At the first I suggest to buy the DCS930L Type because it’s the cheapest, also he does not need Night Vision / see in the dark since it would be monitored only in the lighted room, but eventually for future consideration i buy better DCS- 933L Type , since it’s being given promotion and discounts so the price i bought it around 975,000.



above is the photos from darkest room without any of lights, the cam still shows clear images

1. it doesn’t have any Micro SD slot for offline save

How to Setup :
1. follow step by step instruction given on the appropriate box / installation documents
2. Put the cd driver into the PC, and then install the application (D-View Cam) on a PC.
3. install application in Android Gadgets from Google PlayStore called mydlink Lite.
4. register your account on , then open you mobile application
you should be able to view the IP Camera Remote.

to use the internet connection, you can use the cable internet or ISDN Provider (Speedy) or even you can use the mobile modem like Bolt , or the better from Telkomsel Jumper.
i’ve used Jumper Telkomsel which is cheaper but given an extra 1 year free intenet.

Setup your DLINK to connect via DHCP to become WiFi Extender from the Jumper SSID, then disable the Firewall on the modem, then it should be work. 🙂

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