Wish Car

After had an accident which drain out my money, i really think about driving a car than riding a motorcycle,because it will be more safely & comfort

Drive a Car
+. body isn’t exposed directly to outside
+. when getting accident, your body will be protected first with cars body. except hard crash like in a toll area when you ride so fast
+. your concentration will be more better because your energy isn’t too wasted
+. you can enjoy the cool climate by turning on the Air Conditioner & Playing the Audio or even watching the TV/Movies
+. you can bring more luggage , passenger / friends so you can be more socially interacted
+. you can feel more excitement especially if your car is great / newest
+. you might be can’t pee directly, but you can deceive it by using small urinoir like in the hospital

-. you must pay much more money For : buy the car itself, buy the fuel, care / maintenance the car’s health.
-. wasting time more longer in a traffic jam because the car can’t move in a narrow road gap
-. your body muscle might become stiff because you will often sit rather than stand up.

comparing to profit & loss from above, finally i think there’s more much advantages of drive a car rather than ride a motorbike, so i began to arrange my future plans to save my money for buying it
however today in jakarta, the road traffic is really crowded with same cars also motorbike, public bus, etc

and also the Gasoline price is intended to increase, so i need to buy a fuel-saver car which using high technology & small engine capacity, but also tough when across the bad street also when the floods are came

so i was dreaming about a Suzuki Karimun Wagon R but using Chevrolet Spin Engine and using big wheels like katana and have tall looks. why ? because :


1. it has small powerful , fuel saver engine with newest technology. using turbo diesel 1.3 L engine
CHEVROLET-SAIL-U-VA-1.3L-SMARTECH-Turbocharged-DOHC-Diesel-Engine-682x1024spin dashb

2. small compact body size making it more easily to move & park even in a narrow space

3. or maybe using Suzuki Maruti R-3 Diesel engine can be a smarter choice.


or Maybe the smallest Suzuki Alto’s Maruti India

Unfortunately the diesel engine’s price itself is very higher than the gasoline ones. so maybe using the LGV Converted Device using a small engine is might be considered.

For me, SUV is Big Jeep Cars with Diesel Turbo Engine, so i don’t like gasoline engine, because gasoline engine isn’t as strong as Diesel engines, also they need Sparkplug, and they more risk about water especially when flood areas.

if i have some money for about 300 Million IDR and i want to buy some SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) then exactly i can’t buy anything below except just for Tata Storme at the last..

1. Toyota Fortuner VNT  price is about IDR 400 M
+. VNT (variable nozle turbo) with intercooler engine, makes the power & torque much bigger than standar turbo.
-. more uses fuel because of VNT itself produce much bigger power & torque -> said my friend who already used

2. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport GLS about IDR 396 M
+. already have 6 Gear Transmission
-. Too many variants with difference spesification & price which makes me a little bit confuse

1. Chevrolet Trailblazer LS price about IDR 361 M,
Chevrolet Trailblazer - Rancangan Eksterior

-. there’s 2 Engine variant  : 2.5 L without VGT and 2.8L AT with VGT (but price more higher about IDR 578 M oh my..)

3. Ford Everest , price is about IDR 357 M

+. Duratorq Engine with VGT (Variable Geometric Turbo) like Fortuner’s VNT but which cheaper engine.
4. Hyundai Santa-Fe Diesel price is about IDR 481 M
Santa Fe

+. more powerfull engine with VGT, 6 Speed Automatic Shiftronic FWD
-. price is out of range for the highest engine type (with VGT)

5. Tata Safari Storme price just only IDR 285 M, maybe this is the cheapest SUV sold in indonesia here

The all-new Tata Safari STORME is packed with SUV features including nw generatieon 2.2L VARICOR engine. This world class diesel engine gives 140PS power & 320 Nm Torque.

The Powerful 2.2L VariCOR Engine

  • Direct Injection, Common Rail, 16 valves Aluminum cylinder head. Contemporary world class diesel engine.
  • Variable Turbine Technology (VTT) incorporated in the turbocharger generates a higher air density at low engine speeds, allowing a greater input of fuel for the same air-fuel ratio, thus increasing power while making engines more fuel-efficient and cleaner burning. BS IV compliant.
  • Fully electronic controlled fuel injection system. Higher injection pressure (1600 bar) for higher power and torque
  • Hydraulic Lash Adjusters and Roller Finger Followers for maintenance free, quite operation with low noise vibration and harshness.

+. already use Variable Turbo Intercooler
-. unfamous brands from india

So if i just have money about IDR 220 M then i will get Turbo Diesel Engine MPV :

Isuzu  Panther Smart price about IDR 217 M
this is the lowest type of Isuzu Panther models
isuzu panther smart https://i0.wp.com/www.isuzu-astra.com/prod_files/GRAND%20TOURING/grandtouring_04.png

+. Already known as winner of King of Diesel Car because of it’s fuel saving engine.
+. price is cheapest among its rival (Kijang Diesel)
-. big vibration & noise maybe because of it’s old OHV Engine. still haven’t common rail i guess.

Chevrolet Spin Diesel 1.3 LTZ MT around IDR 195 M
http://yudakuzuma.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/012013chevrolettrailblaz1320936131.jpg CHEVROLET-SAIL-U-VA-1.3L-SMARTECH-Turbocharged-DOHC-Diesel-Engine-682x1024

like i said before, this is the small MPV but with small powerful engines. The Spin is offered with two engine choices: the 1.3-liter, four-cylinder common rail direct injection (CRDI) turbo diesel producing 75 ps (73.97 hp) and 190/1750-2500 max torque, purportedly one of the highest torque ratings in its class. This 1.3-liter diesel engine is the same as the Chevrolet Sail subcompact sedan’s in India. The diesel Spin comes with a five-speed manual transmission only and retails – See more at: http://motioncars.inquirer.net/16091/chevrolet-spin-the-american-suv#sthash.R7Gi9ukH.dpuf

Unfortunately, i won’t get the really popular brand like Kijang, because the cheapest one E M/T Diesel is around IDR 260 M.
Toyota Kijang Innova Diesel New E M/T Diesel
Mesin D-4D Commonrail | Dealer Resmi Toyota Surabaya

+. already famous brand & popular type among Indonesian Peoples.
+. low noise engine than Panther.
-. still using conventional Turbo without Variable
+. D4D = Direct 4-Stroke Diesel Turbo Common Rail  2.5L

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Bisa aja bro yang satu ini. Supranya udah diapain aja? Banyak hal yang bisa dikilik2 tuh. Gue juga belom selesai ngulas Vixion. Nanti deh kalo udah selesai, baru air injection doang. Belom sempet

Salam kenal bro !

met kenal juga bro, trim’s bwt kunjungannya 😉

Salam kenal Bro….. ini dimana??? [halah kayak alay aja]

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