Human and Motorbike Analogy

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english version
blood for transmiting/delivering a nutrition,oxygen oil / lubricant lubrication, cooler, cleaning a sludge/deposit waste from combustion
brain center of living/thinking control ecu/cdi brain of ignition process
food source of energy to live bensin/fuel/gasoline ignition raw materials
drink/beverages/water source of energy to live, blood soluble, body’s cooler water radiator/oil cooler engine cooler, heat dissipator
kidney blood cleaner, filtering a blood’s waste oil filter filtering a trash from ignition deposits
liver neutralizing poison, enzyme’s factory fuel filter filter a waste from fuel
stomach/flank change a food into become energy combustion chamber (piston, silinder) processing a fuel become an energy
intestines absorbing a nutrition from stomach to distribute into all bodies crankcase transfomr a heat energy into moving enery
nose, lungs refine an air so it become more clean & fresh air filter, intake manifold idem
heart source of life battery idem , 1st main source of energy
digestion enzyme, spleen, bile enzyme factory to change food into become energy spark plug ignite fuel gasses + air become heat energy
eyes seeing a world around lamp (main, winker, stop) lighting in the dark
hand, arm guiding a way of life handle bar, grip change the driving way
foot, leg walking a life tire, wheel, brake moving, running
duodenum killing a useless bactery living being from a food exhaust muffler, catalytic converter reduce a wasted polutant from combustion residues
mouth to communicate horn giving a sound signal
body defend from wind, sun body parts protect parts from heat, rain, outer world
hinge, joint joining between parts bearing reducing a friction
muscle pulling a 1 parts so it can move chain idem
shoulder, back take a life’s burden seat, chair to sit down

Indonesian Version

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