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Last Week started from January 13rd,2014 till 20th, my city had been attacked by Heavy rain, caused a big floods, many areas suffered from it including rural towns not only Jakarta.

Fortunately, my district isn’t suffer so badly, the dirty water  (floods) had sunken the roads about 30~40 cm, out of my house. it because my house had been already renovated & heightened about 1 M from the ground + 1 floor above, so i hope it will be safe against the floods anymore.

The rain itself wasn’t too long while the floods had been so intense, it because so many factor like the water delivered from higher areas like Bogor, bad drainage condition in Jakarta, very rare land for water infiltration and also the tidal wave happened in the Java Sea that made the floods were longer to end.

below are 1 of the worst area that suffered from floods, in the Kampung Melayu East Jakarta at Sunday, January 19th

below is our house photo’s at Kelapa Gading BCS, so much big thank’s to my God (JC) that my parents had already be able to rebuild the house so when the big rain comes, we won’t be so worried / afraid like in the past (last year ago, we still had the flood at that time)



below is the photo from West Boulevard Road, at Jan, 19th 2014 near Kelapa Gading Area

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